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$13.33 educates one person in proactive suicide prevention for free.

All #HAVEHOPE holiday campaign funds go directly towards free proactive suicide prevention education.

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HFTD strives to reduce rates of suicide by eliminating the highest risk factors for suicide through education, outreach, and action. All funds raised in our #HAVEHOPE holiday campaign will go directly to sustaining and enhancing HFTD’s free education programming in 2019. Learn more about our education programming here.

So far with your collective holiday giving we are going to be able to educate 7,067 people on proactive suicide prevention in 2019.


View our tip sheet for some quick ideas to maximize your impact.

Follow along on social media to watch our progress as we join together to educate people on proactive suicide prevention in 2019.


Raise Funds, Raise Your Voice, & Raise The Visibility

Starting an AOI fundraising platform with Hope For The Day is more than raising money for an important cause.

When you start a fundraising page, you are joining our network of Agents of Impact (AOI). An AOI is anyone who is dedicated to raising their voice, raising the visibility of resources, and/or raising funds for the mission of proactive suicide prevention. As an AOI, you will use your fundraising page as a platform to shatter the silence of stigma in your own community by raising your voice and sharing your personal story. Once you start your fundraising page, we will equip you with an AOI Field Guide, further resources, and ongoing opportunities to take initiative in your own physical and/or digital community.