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Suicide completion rates have surged to a 30-year high.

1 in 4 people report a mental health crisis in their life. Globally, over 800,000 suicides are reported each year, with many more going unreported. In the US alone, over 121 individuals complete suicide on a daily basis.


Through outreach, education, and action, we can equip people with the right tools to be proactive in their communities.

Together, we can break the silence around mental health.


With support from people like you who believe suicide is preventable, we have been able to reach places all over the globe with the message: it’s ok not to be ok.

Thanks to your support, our work together is represented in:


50 States


26 Countries

17 Languages

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An Agent of Impact is an individual who is committed to shattering the silence of stigma in their community.



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