HFTD’s Proactive Prevention Workshop

To prevent suicide from occuring Hope For The Day lives by our proactive approach, providing mental health outreach, activism, and education to our communities. In order to raise the visibility of resources and break the silence of stigma, we must also ensure that individuals and communities are educated on mental health care, for themselves and others, and understand that it is ok not to be ok.

HFTD’s Proactive Prevention Workshop is our flagship education program and one of our most important educational tools. Our free monthly sessions at the Logan Square Public Library provide a crucial educational resource for everyone affected by mental health. The purpose of these workshops is to educate people on the obstacles, tools, and strategies to enable proactive and effective mental health care for individuals and communities. Our goal is to create tools to reduce suicide rates by disrupting the highest risk factors for suicide before crisis is reached.

The workshop features lectures and interactive discussions that explore the leading obstacles to effective suicide prevention and teaches three core elements of our proactive vision:

  1. To confront the leading obstacle of stigma and how it shapes individual, communal, and institutional obstacles to effective prevention

  2. To look at signs and symptoms of mental health challenges starting from the traditional point of crisis stage warning signs, to the earliest symptoms

  3. To focus on activism and understanding how we can take action to care for our    personal mental health and how we can be supportive to our peers and community

Please join us at our next Proactive Prevention Workshop on Saturday October, 13th from 11:00 AM- 3:00 PM at Chicago Public Library (Logan Square). Make sure to register on EventBrite to attend!

You can also RSVP for the next workshop in November, free tickets are available on EventBrite. November’s workshop is sponsored by Moon Rise.

HFTD also offers Proactive Prevention Workshops to populations in academic, professional and general community spaces beyond Chicagoland. To arrange a booking contact: Carl@hftd.org

Sydni Budelier