Staff report forms

If you have a submission form you would like added email

The link will be added the following weakened

Reimbursement Form

In order to receive reimbursement receipt must be attached to this form.

Event Submission Form

This form is to request volunteers at any event, small or large. Event details need to be submitted here AT LEAST 2 weeks before the scheduled event to guarantee volunteers– otherwise while the events team is willing to help, you are responsible for booking your own volunteer staff if you commit HFTD to a last minute event.

Design Request Form

ALL requests, no matter how big or small must be completed and sent at least two weeks before the review deadline.

For any requests that event marketing does not apply to, please send an email to with COMPLETE details on the project including all edited copy, deadlines, etc.

No incomplete answers will be accepted - the project will not move forward without all details.