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What is an Agent of Impact?

An Agent of Impact (AOI) is an individual who is committed to shattering the silence of stigma and dedicated to our mission of proactive suicide prevention. Become an AOI by launching a personal impact page on the link below.


Become an Agent of Impact (AOI)

An AOI is committed to our mission of proactive suicide prevention.

An AOI knows that it’s ok not to be ok.

An AOI understands the importance of opening up conversations about mental health and suicide to reduce the power of stigma.

As an AOI, you will have the opportunity to use HFTD platform, tools, and resources for spreading the mission of proactive suicide prevention.

As an AOI, you will join the growing network of leaders for outreach, education, and action.

As an AOI, you will be equipped with opportunities to take action in your own digital and/or physical communities.

Get Started

Step 1: Click on the link below to create a personal impact page

NOTE: Select ‘Become a Fundraiser’ (your campaign page is your AOI platform)

Step 2: Select your level of impact (you can change your selection at any time)

Step 3: Share your story and personalize your page

Step 4: Share your link with friends, family, and social media

Step 5: Look out for follow-up communications and a link to your exclusive AOI resources