The HD project focuses on outreach and education through digital features.

Completed 2016


Six months after high school student Kimberly Banks completes suicide, her classmate Natalie Snyder struggles to find the words for her own pain, silenced by stigma that prevails in the school hallways and among her peers.Meanwhile, Kim’s little brother Mark angrily grapples with the silence of his sister’s death, struggling to cope with how everyone seems to just want to move on.



MPAA PG Equivalent

Serious situations & Topics, some coarse language.


Film supported by a SECA grant from the city of Naperville, IL.

Composed with students and families of DuPage county, IL

Script reviewed and endorsed by Mental Health America Illinois, and Illinois Department of Public Health.

This is a fictional film composed from an amalgamation of survivor’s attempts & loss experiences volunteered for this narrative.

I’m Fine is a 30 minute short film that expresses the impact of suicide as it ripples through teens, families, and a community.

We created a Q & A guidebook to supplement discussions on stigma,communication, mental health and suicide. It is an excellent resource to start discussions.

Contact us to inquire about your copy of I'm Fine and viewing materials, or learn more about The Hope Defined Project.


Completed 2018

To My Family

To My Family is a powerful drama that offers audiences a real life depiction of mental illness, told through the lens of the personal diary of a troubled sixteen-year-old boy. Tyler has always had a hard time communicating with others. With the help of a video diary, he attempts to tell his family how he really feels. Baring his soul more than he ever wished, we see the complexity of his mind peer through the cracks as he struggles through the highs and lows of Bipolar Disorder, Social Anxiety, and his own erratic thoughts.

TMF_square (1).jpg

To My Family is David Azer’s first feature film, and is poised for a strong 2018 domestic and film festival run. The indie project is already receiving widespread interest and gaining buzz with the media.

RUN TIME: 70 Minutes