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September 7th, 2019

University of Illinois at Chicago - Forum (UIC Forum)

725 West Roosevelt Rd Chicago, IL 60608


This event includes morning and afternoon sessions.

The inaugural Conversations Summit empowering young voices across  the state of Illinois. The Summit will feature interactive sessions for learning, dialogue, and activism. Through presentations created by youth ages 12-24 will cover a vast spectrum of topics from mental health, self-expression, and technology, to social justice, and activism.

Ticketing opens in June 2019

The Conversations Summit features sessions focusing on the following
Youth-Led Program Pillars:

Heighten Our Awareness through Mental Health Education and Self-expression:

Understanding mental health and quality of life, including stigma, trauma, self-expression, signs & symptoms, related sciences, and cultural intersections.

Empower Our Personal and Professional Development:

Sessions providing participants with knowledge and tools for advancing career opportunities and community involvement.

Amplify Our Stories:

Learning about ways to utilize our voices to impact social and institutional policy.

Raise Our Voice through Community Action and Leadership:

Empowering communities and intersectional identities, sharing community perspectives, and leveraging how to leverage lived experiences by sharing stories.

Distribute resources and community best practices in mental health.

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