Warped Tour Re-Cap Blog 1


The 2017 Vans Warped Tour has officially begun!

It is estimated that over 650,000 people attended the Vans Warped Tour last year in 2016. A majority of the people in attendance ranged between the ages of 15 and 24; an age group that is also largely affected by suicide.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people in the 15-24 age range. Suicide claims the lives of over 44,000 Americans and over 800,000 people globally each year.

It is estimated that for every successful suicide completion, there are another 25 people who attempt. Suicide has no prejudice and this is why Hope For The Day will be on the Vans Warped Tour all summer long raising awareness and providing resources to fans.

 Photo: Anam Merchant.

Photo: Anam Merchant.

This year, the tour started in Seattle, WA on June 16th. The first day of Warped Tour is always exciting and it marks the start of summer for many people; it's affectionately called "punk rock summer camp" by the bands and crew.

Warped Tour will travel to 41 different cities this year from June 16th to August 6th. This years diverse lineup features artists and bands such as Anti-Flag, Andy Black, The Ataris, Bad Seed Rising, blessthefall, Counterparts, Courage My Love, Dance Gavin Dance, GWAR, Hatebreed, Hawthorne Heights, Jule Vera, Knocked Loose, Memphis May Fire, Our Last Night, Stick To Your Guns, and over 50 others.


The tour is a great place for Hope For The Day to spend the summer as we focus on mental health education and suicide prevention through self-expression platforms (such as music and art).

Music provides a healthy emotional outlet and community for many people. It has the ability to let people know that they are not alone in their struggles and it can help people identify the emotions that they are experiencing. Music can help us begin to connect with others and to start conversations about mental health, which is crucial to breaking down the stigma that surrounds it.


We are thrilled to be working with bands such as Neck Deep, Beartooth, and Being As An Ocean this summer. You might see HFTD's founder/CEO, Jonny Boucher, giving speeches before their sets, and on certain days there may be a chance to meet members of these bands as they spend time at the HTFD tent.

Their support in continuing to build a community that is willing to start the conversation about mental health is appreciated!

 Bern Barlow from Neck Deep. 

Bern Barlow from Neck Deep. 

Being willing to start conversations about mental health is incredibly important as it is the only way to break down the stigma that often prevents people from accessing help. We can start breaking down this stigma by realizing that it is okay to not be okay; there is no shame in dealing with any sort of mental illness and it is okay to reach out and ask for help.

There are resources available to help people who struggling; one of HFTD's goals this summer is to raise the visibility of these resources and to make them as accessible as possible. The more pro-active we can be, the better the chance that people can receive help before they reach the point of a mental health crisis.

 Joel Quartuccio from Being As An Ocean. Photo: Anam Merchant.

Joel Quartuccio from Being As An Ocean. Photo: Anam Merchant.

You can help by stopping at the HFTD tent this summer and picking up some of our resource cards! These include a variety of lifeline and hotline numbers (including a crisis text line) and information on mental health resources. They are a great way to start conversations and combat stigma within your community.


There are a lot of people who care and are willing to help; many of whom you can find at Warped Tour and in your local music scene. Suicide prevention can start with something as simple as a conversation. Come visit the Vans Warped Tour this summer when it visits a city near you (all upcoming dates can be found here) and start this conversation with us!