PIP: Neck Deep EU/UK Tour - Week 1 Recap

Our friends in Neck Deep have successfully completed the first week of their EU/UK headlining tour in support of their new album, The Peace and The Panic! As It Is, Real Friends, and Blood Youth are also joining them as support for this tour. The tour starts in Ireland and the UK and will continue throughout Europe.

Each night our founder and CEO, Jonny Boucher, is giving a speech before Neck Deep's set. We are very thankful for Neck Deep and their willingness to be partners in prevention with Hope For The Day and for starting the conversation around mental health.

Platforms such as music give us the opportunity to break the silence around mental health and to elevate resources so that people can receive the help that they need. At HFTD, this is how we utilize self-expression through music and the arts as a method of proactive suicide prevention.

You do not have to look any further than Neck Deep to see an example of self-expression working as a healthy coping mechanism. Their singer, Ben Barlow, explains that "...writing songs has always been therapy for me, and I think that was the clearest example of it there. I will usually just pick up a guitar and start playing and hope that something comes out. Usually, it gives me a good feeling in a sense of like, ‘Hey, I’m doing something here!" (you can read the rest of this interview here).

We currently lose approximately 800,000 people to suicide worldwide each year. The silence that is caused by the stigma attached to mental health is a huge contributor to this statistic. It makes it difficult for people to reach out to get help and resources and it is why beginning conversations through platforms such as music is so important.

If you're attending Neck Deep's EU/UK tour, you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone if you are facing a mental health challenge. The beautiful thing about music is how it connects people; you can come to one of these Neck Deep shows and find a community of people experiencing the same challenges. If you see Jonny at one of the shows, you can definitely start a conversation with him as well.

As Ben mentioned in an interview, “....absolutely do not be afraid, and do not be embarrassed. You can’t make any progress with silence” (You can read the rest of the interview here.)

Get your tickets to the remaining tour dates here! We'll see you on the road.


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