"Hopps Day for Hope" at Tiffin University

  Hope For The Day achieves proactive suicide prevention by providing outreach and mental health education through self-expression platforms; and the movement to end the stigma of mental illness and preventing suicide is not one that can be done alone. Hope For The Day really appreciates the support and outreach of HFTD staff, partners, students, volunteers, and all that support our mission. Without the community of support ending the stigma would be an even harder journey.


On March 24, 2017, Theta Eta Omicron fraternity at Tiffin University in Ohio held the “Hopps Day for Hope” charity event on behalf of Hope For The Day.  The event featured performances by the bands Conway, Silver Age, and Gold Route. The president of Theta Eta Omicron, Quintin, and the Theta Eta Omicron Event Coordinator, Michael, were both ecstatic to partner with HFTD. HFTD was able to help support their effort in sharing mental health education and utilizing music "as an escape" tool when living with a mental illness.

Hope For The Day’s Yasmin Radzi, an Events and Operations Supporter, represented HFTD. Yasmin spoke about suicide awareness and mental health education to the crowd that included students, artists, and members of the Theta Eta Omicron frat.


At the end of the night Theta Eta Omicron was able to raise over $2,257 on behalf of Hope For the Day!

On behalf of HFTD, we are grateful for Tiffin University in supporting our efforts! Music as we have observed from this event, can promote self expression during tough times. It’s okay not to be okay.