Songs and Stories Sunday 3

HFTD-selfcarepugOne To marinate is not just a description of how to make meat tender or taste good. According to Urban Dictionary, marinate means "letting something soak in, leave time for reflection". In regards to music, marinate implies listening to a series of songs or a song that reflections your current mood. Is there a series of songs that you listen to when you're happy, sad, and anywhere in between? Stephanie at Hope For The Day will share her marination go to songs.

Name: Stephanie

Current Mood: 

"Currently, I feel aggressive."

What's your marination songs? Why?:

"My marination song is 'Warrior' by Steve James. The song helps me get through yoga."

Is there a line from the song that sticks out to you?

"I got my head high, my chest out, my eyes open wide

I got no fear, got no doubt and, god, I feel alive

(I'm a warrior)"

What is it about yoga that helps you?

"Yoga helps me with my physical strength, flexibility, and balance. But yoga also makes me feel stronger mentally. It pushes me to go past what I thought I am capable of with my body and my mind. It teaches me how to calm down, how to focus better, and helps me find a space in my mind that isn't riddled with doubt and fear."

The song lyrics that stick out to Stephanie motivate her and help her to marinate in her "aggressiveness". Which encourages her to work hard and believe in her physical capabilities.

Is there a song that you marinate to? And how does the song make you feel?