Songs and Stories Sunday 2

Outsidemywindow As I look outside of my apartment window, I wonder how it feels outside. It looks cloudy and wet. The trees are bare; the spring leaves haven't began to say "hi".  And there are not many people walking about. Surely, everyone has the same idea to stay inside today, but I can't help but feel a ping of loneliness looking out onto the streets. I wish the sun was out. I need my vitamin D.

So to increase my theoretical vitamin D levels I shall listen to songs that have me glowing on the inside as bright as the sun.

Roy Ayers song, "Everybody Loves the Sunshine", immediately comes up on my playlist. How fitting. It's a 70's classic that transcends time. It opens with an mix of electric piano and classic piano, then moves to include drums, bass guitar, and vocals with the title line.  It's definitely a chill song and a reflection of lyric repetition that was standard for the time.

My life, my life, my life, my life in the sunshine Everybody loves the sunshine Sunshine, everybody loves the sunshine Sunshine, folks get down in the sunshine Sunshine, folks get 'round in the sunshine

If the sun was shining and I were outside today, this would for sure be the song of the day.

The next song to fill my room was Bill Wither's "Lovely Day", another 70's throw back. This is an upbeat, romantic, and affirming song. It seems that Wither's is looking up on his "love" and then knowing it's going to be a "lovely day", but as the song continues  I imagine something different. I always imagine him looking at himself in the mirror and affirming to himself that everything is alright. He is sure of himself and is focused on the present.

When the day that lies ahead of me Seems impossible to face When someone else instead of me Always seems to know the way

Then I look at you And the world's alright with me Just one look at you And I know it's gonna be A lovely day

Ah Ha! Some español has founds its way into my playlist. Pablo Alborán's "Vívela", "Live it", is playing. This song always lighten up my spirit! I haven't always understood what Pablo was saying, but I always felt a rush of positivity and energy while listening to this song. Also, it's a reminder of the time I spent living in sunny Barcelona, Spain. If I had to choose a song to summarize my experience it would be this song.

Vive sin barreras,
así que déjate de historias
y ven, acércate,
que te cuente lo que vamos a hacer.
Saca de tu pecho el rencor
y mira bien hacia dónde se dirigen tus pies.
Enséñame tus alas y grita
que la vida es bonita
aunque esté del revés
Living in Barcelona was the most freeing experience. I learned so much about myself and I tried so many new things. I let down my barriers as Pablo says.I felt how good life was. This song brightens up my spirit and makes me feel nostalgic, but it also reminds me to stay present.
I wonder what the next song on my rainy day playlist will be? What songs do you listen to when you have the rainy day blues?