Stop The Insanity Show Part 1

15965858_1051820078279166_4707332885955357523_n.jpg This past month, we were invited to join The Insanity Show Part 1 presented by Rising Star Concert Promotions at Reggies Rock Club Chicago. The show was a smashing success and helped raise funds for proactive suicide prevention!

Rob Haberman, an HFTD surrogate, began the evening with a short speech on pressing the conversation about mental health and suicide. Then the show kicked off with a great set from The Freedom Paradox. Wayside Story, High Wire, and Talk To You Never followed up with amazing performances.  The Linden Method, founded in 2012 in Chicago, headlined the show and concluded the show with a bang. All five pop-punk bands signed a guitar that was raffled off during the night to support suicide prevention.

We want to thank Larry Phillips and his crew for dedicating their time and passion to putting together the show and gathering a community of people to raise awareness for anti-bullying and suicide prevention. Larry Phillips' mission in concert promotion is to increase the exposure of bands that use music as a self-expression platform and connect with their fans. Through Rising Star Concert Promotions, he is planning multiple shows in Chicago to spread hope and awareness for mental health issues. We already look forward to "Stop the Insanity Part 2" in Fall 2017!

The biggest obstacle to effective prevention is the silence of stigma. Events like this one help raise the visibility of resources for support and spread understanding.

With the collected donations, Hope For The Day will continue to achieve proactive suicide prevention by providing outreach and mental health education through self-expression platforms.

IT's Ok Not To Be Ok-- Have Hope