Be Super: Who Is Your Superhero

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When it comes to Superheros, your mind might jump to Superman, Wonderwomen, Spiderman, etc. But when asked, who is your superhero, you might have other thoughts. It could be a family member or friend that you admire or has been through a lot in life, it could be a public figure that has done a lot for your community, or a fictional character that you are inspired by. These people, whether you know them personally or not, have had an impact on your life. The nonprofit Be Super, wanted to ask this very question:

"Week to week we highlight heroes. We believe that everyone can be a hero in their own way. This week we wanted to expand on that concept. We asked people who their hero is some; people just gave us names, some people gave us reasons why. Throughout the week we will be sharing other people's heroes!"

We went out into our community here in Chicago and asked who people see as their superhero and here are the responses you received: _mg_6727-2_mg_6730-2_mg_6739-2_mg_6742-2_mg_6743-2_mg_6744-2_mg_6746-2_mg_6749-2_mg_6751-2_mg_6753-2_mg_6754-2_mg_6756-2_mg_6758-2_mg_6776-2_mg_6777-2_mg_6780-2_mg_6795-2_mg_6797-2_mg_6798-2_mg_6799-2_mg_6801-2_mg_6803-2_mg_6806-2_mg_6807-2_mg_6809-2_mg_6812-2