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We Are In This Together!

 In this edition, we share a lived experience story from our community. We also have our usual gallery showing our agents and supporters who help spread our message!  


The Hope Connection <Lived Experiences Stories>possible-blog-photo

Story by Liz Coffey 

             The first week of my freshman year of college (about 2 1/2 years ago) I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. I isolated myself, and started failing my classes. I had no friends and, other than my mother, no one in my family believed that mental illness was a real thing. They thought ... Read More 

Mental Health Screenings


             As a key part of an individual’s overall welfare, it is important to examine and treat one’s mental health, similar to the way one would care for their physical health. A significant first step in taking care of one’s psychological well-being is considering and recognizing the condition of one’s mental health. Brief mental health screenings can help ... Read More

We See You Fam! <Post To Press Edition>

All September our Agents of Impact have chosen to a committed effort to make a social impact sharing content on Things We Don’t Say. This week, we focused on options available 24/7 to reach out for help.  and by letting our friends, loved ones, and people in our community know Its Ok Not To Be Ok.



Below is a post from a show in Lansing, IL and Agent Brianna did her first speech to an audience! Congrats B!


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