Mental Health Screenings

mental-health-pic As a key part of an individual’s overall welfare, it is important to examine and treat one’s mental health, similar to the way one would care for their physical health.

A significant first step in taking care of one’s psychological wellbeing is considering and recognizing the condition of one’s mental health. Brief mental health screenings can help with this. Like a check-up from the neck up, these educational surveys are a quick way to determine if someone may need to reach out to a doctor or mental health professional for an evaluation.

By clicking the link below, you can take a quick mental health screening that only takes a few minutes. The program is completely anonymous and confidential, and immediately following the brief questionnaire, you will see your results, recommendations, and key resources. Completing the screening will help you discern if your recent thoughts or behaviors may be associated with a common, treatable mental health issue.

Mental Health Screenings are a suicide prevention method that inform people of mental health problems and encourage them to acknowledge their own mental health. While they only serve an educational purpose and cannot be used diagnostically, they can compel someone to reach out and receive support and help as early as possible.