WAITT 8 Newsletter

We Are In This Together!

 In this edition, we share the recent events we have been involved including the community fair G-K Cogs Have Hope and our Naperville Film Fest. As usual, we also have a gallery of sharing our agents and supporters who help spread our message! 

G-K Cogs Have Hope!


The community of Genoa Kingston District 424 – GK Schools (Cogs)  teamed up with Hope For The Day to launch a proactive initiative on suicide prevention and mental health awareness in their community.  We kicked it off with G-K Cogs Have Hope, a free in-school carnival activity on Global Suicide Prevention Day, September 10, 2016. Like our other programming initiatives... Read More

I'm Fine Film Fest Premiere!

image (3).jpeg

On September 14, 2016, three years of hard work and a massive team effort came to fruition in the official premiere of I’m Fine at the Naperville Independent Film Festival, in Naperville, IL.  I’m Fine is a short film that Hope For The Day produced... Read More

We See You Fam! <Post To Press Edition>

All September our Agents of Impact have chosen to a committed effort to make a social impact sharing content on Things We Don't Say. This week, we asked them to share with us places in their community where resources are available. 


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