I'm Fine Film Fest Premiere!

On September 14, 2016, three years of hard work and a massive team effort came to fruition in the official premiere of I’m Fine at the Naperville Independent Film Festival, in Naperville, IL.  I’m Fine is a short film that Hope For The Day produced with an amazing team of creators, performers, and community. This film was our first feature film created via our ‘Hope Defined (HD)’ program. HD projects explore mental health and suicide through digital mediums.
I’m Fine expresses the impact of a suicide as it ripples through teens, families and a community. Six months after high school student Kimberly Banks (Elena Sasso) dies by suicide, a classmate, Natalie Snyder (Olivia Ritchie), struggles to find the words for her own pain. Natalie feels silenced by stigma that prevails in the school hallways and among her peers. Meanwhile, Kim’s little brother Mark (Nicholas Sanchez) angrily grapples with the silence surrounding his sister’s death and struggles to cope with how everyone seems to want to move on.
Filming began in 2014 and included nearly 75 students and adults from the Naperville, IL community. The film was shot entirely on location in Naperville and was composed with the generous support of a Naperville SECA grant.

This film is part of HFTD’s education programming provided across America. The purpose of this film is to catalyze conversations in our community. Contact HFTD (Info@HFTD.org) if you’re interested in bringing this film to your community.

Here is a gallery looking back at the big night, including some production photos from the fantastic experience.image14352054_1400796803282455_3603457983010473794_o.jpgimage (5).jpeg14322453_10153786494346128_8088026438799526073_n.jpgOn Set_Pioneer Park_Bridge_Olivia_Crew.jpg14344882_10153786494166128_7449975676167417270_n.jpgArt Class.jpg14355637_10153786494201128_2677412804814373422_n14291656_1400796896615779_659501716752530478_n.jpg14242290_1400796799949122_5602568511418300694_o.jpg14265094_10153786494336128_4538736352232821105_n.jpgOn Set_NCHS_Classroom.JPG14292244_10153786494281128_7097031244012416435_n.jpgIMG_3491.JPG14233242_10153786494291128_2726314411534242290_nimage (1).jpegOn Set_Naperville Arts.JPGOn Set_Wrap Picture.jpgImFineFinalImage.jpg