G-K Cogs Have Hope!

cogs-have-hope-instaThe community of Genoa Kingston District 424 – GK Schools (Cogs)  teamed up with Hope For The Day to launch a proactive initiative on suicide prevention and mental health awareness in their community.  We kicked it off with G-K Cogs Have Hope, a free in-school carnival activity on Global Suicide Prevention Day, September 10, 2016.20160910_154648.jpgLike our other programming initiatives, community fairs are designed to create an experience that embraces suicide prevention and mental health, free of stigma. The intent of these events are to unite students, parents, teachers, local resources for treatment, counseling and support for all the members of our community. Reducing rates on suicide means that we must work together to change social policy on these topics.  This fun fair provided a great kick-off for empowering a sustained conversation and raising the visibility of resources and information on how to respond to our mental health needs.20160910_154701Hope For The Day dedicates its time to doing outreach, and we proactively encourage individuals interested in facilitating this conversation in their community. These volunteers, our Agents of Impact, become our community supporters, bringing education into the spaces they occupy. Our work in DeKalb county, Illinois began with one such Agent, named Gracie, who triggered this relationship into motion earlier this year.

Our work has to be sustainable to make an effective impact. Real prevention will not be achieved by just one speech or event. In order to achieve a path towards a tangible reduction in completion rates, we need consistent actions long before waiting for someone to reach a state of crisis. We create a model of Peer-to-Peer-Proactive-Prevention by providing information and equipping individuals with tools to establish this conversation in their communities.  20160910_154543.jpgThe idea behind this fair was to give the school a chance to embrace the importance of suicide prevention, and to introduce and normalize local resources for mental health within this community.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to the event and we look forward to growing outreach in this Illinois community.

Thank you, Genoa Kingston High School for facilitating this event and taking a lead in their students well being.

This event was in partnership with a number of great organizations: Family Service Agency of DeKalb CountyDeKalb Community Service Board, DeKalb County Youth Service Bureau, DeKalb County Regional Office of EducationGenoa Faith UMCAdventure Works of DeKalb County, Inc.Ben Gordon Center


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