Resiliency Tour Recap

pano-1 The Resiliency Tour ended in Baumholder, Germany, and we want to look back on our proactive prevention work. This was our very first military tour, which put focus on active-duty soldiers, their families, and veterans. We traveled around UK and Europe letting others know It's Ok Not To Be Ok, and it takes courage to ask for help.

Our tours are dedicated to raising the visibility of resources and educating on how to embrace our mental health. Many soldiers suffer physical wounds but also many obtain psychological injuries, and can develop mental illnesses.

Expectations of soldiers to be very strong and courageous can lead many think that if they seek help for a mental illness, or psychological injury they will not be looked at with these qualities anymore; this is a stigma must change. 

Stigma is made of the Things We Don’t Say about our mental health. Stigmas are the factors that try to dictate and govern how we express ourselves, and self-expression is the key. Taking care of our mental health is about embracing open expression of our responses to the things we experience in life.

It is very brave to come forward and we hope that this tour helped raise the visibility of resources available.

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to Armed Forces Entertainment and the United States Military for giving us this opportunity. We commend Ayla Brown and Shayla Rivera for contributing their musical talents and inspiring words. Finally, most importantly we want to give a most humble THANK YOU to all the service men, women and family members who joined and shared this conversation.   933935dsc_279393_2dsc_2525931912dsc_1635831_6823_2.jpg823_7.jpg831_2.jpg829_1.jpg826_2.jpg961.jpg941.jpgpano823_8.jpg823_1.jpg823_9.jpgDSC_2697.jpgdsc_2101cropped-facebook.jpgunnamed-2