W.A.I.T.T. 6

WAre IThis TogetherBeginning of August Recap!

Summer may be winding down, but that won't stop us from keeping busy. On the agenda for the next few weeks...

  1. Our first military tour
  2. We'll also be wrapping up our journey on this year's Warped Tour
  3. Our educational short film, "I'm Fine", gets it's official premiere!
  4. In this blog, we'll also be recapping our recent comedy show
  5. And an insight into mental health and back-to-school season.

 HFTD's First Military Tour

The Resiliency Tour: Presented by Armed Forces Entertainment


We are so proud to announce our very first military tour! The Resiliency Tour, presented by Armed Forces Entertainment, will start on August 24th and go through September 7th. On the tour, we'll be doing outreach in England, Belgium, Germany, and Kosovo. Much like on previous tours, we'll be doing speaking presentations, as well as workshops with active-duty soldiers, and their families.

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Naperville Independent Film Festival

We are very excited to announce that our film, I'm Fine, will be shown at the Naperville Independent Film Festival. The film is composed within the community of Naperville, IL, and expresses the impact of suicide as it ripples through individuals, families, and an entire community. The short film is a core piece of our education programming shown in communities across America.



Comedy Show Recap

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We had an awesome time at the Laugh at Life Comedy Show on Tuesday, and we're so grateful to everyone who came out for it. We'd like to thank all of the hilarious comedians who donated their time and Adobe Gila’s Cantina for their space. 100% of the proceeds raised will be going towards suicide prevention and mental health education programs.


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Warped Tour Update

With only two more stops of Warped Tour left after today, it's a good time to start reflecting on everything that happened on the 2016 Vans Warped Tour. There were plenty of awesome experiences on every stop of the tour, but the best moments by far were when we got to meet and talk to all of you guys. We also had some moments stand out in less of a  good way, like our trunk breaking down and causing us to miss the Denver show. Still, all and all, it's been so great spending this summer on Warped. We hope to meet a few more of you at the Auburn and Portland shows, and hope to see you all again next year!




Back to School Mental Health


The back to school season can cause a wide range of emotions in different people, and bring a variety of mental health outcomes along with it. The transition from the freedom of summer to the structure of the school year can have a powerful effect on your mental health, so it's important to set aside some time for self-care and figure out where you'll be able to find support before the school begins. Taking time to prepare in the weeks before school starts is one of the best ways to mitigate potential negative outcomes later in the year.

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We See You Fam








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