The Resiliency Tour: Presented by Armed Forces Entertainment

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We are so proud to announce our upcoming military tour, which is being presented by Armed Forces Entertainment. The Resiliency Tour will be our first ever military tour, and our outreach will be mainly focused on active-duty soldiers, their families, and veterans. We'll be doing speaking presentations, as well as engagement and education. The tour will start in RAF Alconbury, UK on August 24th. From there, we will be traveling to 12 different locations across the UK, Germany, Belgium, and Kosovo before the tour ends on September 7th. The full schedule can be found here.

Our founder, Jonny Boucher will be speaking at each of these locations, alongside Shayla Rivera. Shayla has juggled an impressive variety of roles over the course of her life, including Aerospace Engineer, Rocket Scientist with NASA, salesperson, corporate trainer, Keynote Speaker, TV Host, Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Producer. She advocates for the ABC principle, which stands for Awareness Brings Change. Shayla has defined her number one goal as inspiring, through laughter, and we are so excited that she is joining us for the Resiliency Tour.

Also touring with us is the very talented Ayla Brown. Much like Shayla, Ayla is also quite the Renaissance Woman. She's released several albums, founded her own record company, been a finalist on American Idol, and played Division 1 basketball at Boston College. We are majorly impressed by Ayla's talent and are so grateful that she'll be touring with us.

We are very grateful for this opportunity to travel to Europe and promote our message of hope and breaking stigma, especially to the brave men and women who sacrifice so much to keep their countries safe. We strongly believe in the power of creative expression to educate communities and prevent suicide, and we feel very fortunate to be joined by Shayla Rivera and Ayla Brown on our mission to spread hope and awareness. We'll be providing updates on the tour in the weeks to come, but for now, we would just like to express our gratitude to Armed Forces Entertainment for making this happen and say that we are looking forward to this exciting opportunity.