Vans Warped Tour 2017 Final Recap

By: Victoria Goodman

It's said that all good things must come to an end; this has proven to be true as the 2017 Vans Warped Tour has ended this week. During their last week on the road, the traveling music festival visited the tour's three California stops in Mountain View, San Diego, and Pomona.

\\Pictured above: Our founder, Jonny Boucher, giving a speech at this years Warped Tour//

For Warped Tour newcomers, Movements, these were the California dates were their home-state shows. The emo/post-hardcore band is from southern California and they are getting ready to release their debut full length album this fall. Movements has always been a band that has been willing to address mental health. Their song " Kept" discusses self esteem and body image issues. As vocalist Pat Miranda explains, "Kept is about dealing with a lot of self-image issues and (literally) about hating who you are... and feeling like you don't have any sort of self-worth." (You can watch the interview that this quote is from here.)

movements-8.jpg\\Movements performing at the Houston date of this year's Warped Tour. Photo credit: Vanna Porter//

Self-esteem and self-worth have the potential to play a large role in mental health; having low self-esteem can leave individuals vulnerable to mental illnesses such as depression. It's important to start the conversation about how we view ourselves; often our perceptions of ourselves are inaccurate, but without opening up to other people, we won't realize this.

Every single one of us has worth; however, our struggles and mental illnesses can lie to us and lead us to believe that this is not true. Staying silent only perpetuates the false beliefs that we hold and builds the stigma around mental health. When we open up and share our experiences we have the potential to impact those around us in a profound way.

Molly Kinnunen, a fan of Movements, had the following to say about how the band has influenced her: "Throughout most of my adolescence, I struggled severely with not liking what I saw in the mirror... When I discovered Movements and listened to their newly released demo, ‘Protection,’ I instantly fell in love and needed more music. Upon their release of their EP ‘Outgrown Things,’ it wasn’t long before I knew every song by heart. ‘Kept,’ in particular, is my favorite from the album because of how powerful the lyrics are. I saw them live for the first time in June of 2015... Their set was so unbelievably moving and I didn’t realize somebody felt the exact same way I did, struggling with self image and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin... They have given me hope that I never thought I’d be able to find in myself."

When asked to describe what the upcoming album will be like, Pat went into more detail about their writing, explaining, "We write music with a message that we feel people should hear. Whether that message is just dealing with anxiety and depression and mental illness or dealing with loss... Spreading awareness about all of these things is the only way that you can work towards helping and fixing (these things)... You need feel like you're not alone, because you're not alone no matter what it is you're dealing with or going through." (You can watch the rest of this interview here).

movements-12\\Movements performing live at the Houston date of this year's Warped Tour. Photo credit: Vanna Porter//

While they are not newcomers to the tour, Blessthefall, a metalcore band from Phoenix, AZ, has been sharing a similar message with their fans this summer. Their singer, Beau Bokan, explains that they want to portray a message of "finding a light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of our music is pretty dark but it has a positive message at the end of it... I think that's just life in general... You have to find your silver lining." (You can watch the rest of this interview here).

Thankfully, music helps use to begin the conversation around mental health by helping us to connect to one another - in person at events like Warped Tour, and through the lyrics that bands such as Movements and blessthefall write. It fosters a community around a music scene that can become a driving force for positive changes, mental health education, and proactive suicide prevention.

DSC_3527.jpg\\Blessthefall performing at the Nashville date of this year's Warped Tour. Photo credit: Anam Merchant//

Hope For The Day volunteer, Gracie Fisher, shared her experience with us this summer. "Many Warped Tour attendees swing by our tent wondering where a certain stage is, or how to hop in line for the meet-and-greet of a popular band, or simply to find out who we are as an organization and what exactly it is that we do on the Warped Tour. However, once conversations are begun... about suicide, mental illness, and recovery, the floodgates open up. Stories are shared and tears are shed; which encourage and inspire attendees to begin these vital conversations with our volunteers and with each other." 

DSC_6520.jpg\\Blessthefall performing at the St. Pete date of this year's Warped Tour. Photo credit: Anam Merchant//

While Warped Tour has ended for the year, the conversation in our communities does not have to. The reality is that we still lose approximately 121 people each day to suicide; and for every person that we lose, another 25 people attempt suicide.

Mental health effects everyone; it is important that we keep talking about it so that we can provide resources to those in need. It's Ok to Not Be Ok. Have Hope.

If you would like to continue to stay involved even though Warped Tour has ended, you can sign up for Hope For The Day's email list to receive updates on what we are up to. If you would like to become a volunteer, you can send an email to to receive more information. 

DSC_0696 (1)\\HFTD's founder, Jonny Boucher, speaking before Being As An Ocean's set on this years Warped Tour. Photo credit: Anam Merchant//

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our tent this year; your stories, contributions, and support is the reason that Hope For The Day is able to exist! See you on the road soon.

Featured Photos of the Week:

DGD-6.jpg\\Dance Gavin Dance performing at the Houston, TX date of this years Warped Tour. Photo credit: Vanna Porter// 

36178962086_8085fe730e_k\\Sworn In performing at the Tinley Park, IL date of this years Warped Tour. Photo credit: Rob Haberman//

 DSC06137.jpg\\Neck Deep performing at the Mountain View, CA date of this years Warped Tour. Photo credit: Elliot Ingham//

35800074750_2b0673631f_k.jpg\\Being As An Ocean performing at the Milwaukee, WI date of this years Warped Tour. Photo credit: Rob Haberman//