TWDS: Concert #2 Preview

By: Victoria Goodman

Hope For The Day is proud to present the second concert in the Things We Don't Say Concert Series! Featuring a lineup consisting of Ghost Key, Speaking With Ghosts, The Levitated, and Caecus, this concert will take place on December 3rd.

TWDS Updated.png Thanks to a grant provided by the Community Memorial Foundation, the concerts in this series take place at Evolution Music in Downers Grove, IL and are a creative method of community outreach, programming, and proactive prevention. Pre-sale tickets for the show are available here (if you would also like to RSVP on Facebook, you may do so here).

Thanks to our sponsor, Sparkling Ice, we will also have free drinks available for everyone!

37851013096_69cba4ff22_k.jpg\\Ghost Key performing at Subterranean in Chicago, IL on their 2017 headlining tour. Photo: Rob Haberman.//

Ghost Key are a hardcore band from Peoria, IL with a wide variety of influences ranging from Pianos Become The Teeth to Nails. Taking inspiration from their personal and lived experiences, Ghost Key continually puts mental health at the forefront of their lyrics and message.

Hope For The Day previously had the pleasure of working with their vocalist, Austin O'Brien, at the Anti-Stigma Symposium at Joliet Junior College this past April. Austin gave a speech about mental health and the stigma attached to it that was titled "The Things I Am Not". (You can watch the speech here).

During his speech, Austin explained that "...(our) entire message is built around my experience, dealing with depression and how it's effected my life. A lot of the time it deals with how it's effected other people, or how other people have effected me". Austin has lived with depression since he was a child, and he also discussed how he "...didn't understand what that was, why I felt that way because nobody was talking about it".

37179646413_6a72f66442_k.jpg\\Ghost Key performing at Subterranean in Chicago, IL on their 2017 headlining tour. Photo: Rob Haberman.//

After losing his friend Brent to suicide, it became clear to Austin that he needed to confront mental health. This led to the creation of Ghost Key, which served as a positive self-expression outlet for Austin that provided an outlet for him to talk about the Things We Don't Say.  "It changed my entire life; because for the first time instead of telling me to bury it, I had four people rally around me and tell me to be myself. To be honest, to let people know how I was feeling, and it was incredible".

Austin emphasized that " took me ten years to finally understand that the only way that I could get better was by talking, by telling people". When we take the time to understand that It's OK To Not Be OK and to start conversations about mental health, we can begin to make an impact on the people around us and start lowering the alarmingly suicide statistic that currently exists.

You can listen to Ghost Key on all major digital platforms, and you can connect with the band on social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

36143274421_a777c972de_k\\Speaking With Ghosts before a show at the Wire in Berwyn, IL. Photo: Rob Haberman.//

Speaking With Ghosts are a metalcore band from Chicago, IL. Inspired by bands such as The Color Morale and Parkway Drive, they were recently signed to Famined Records. Their debut album, Illuminated, will be released on November 17th!

When they released the song "Uncrowned" (off of Illuminated), their vocalist Ryan Wilmot felt the need to explain the meaning behind the song. The recording process was not easy as he mentions that it was "...absolutely the lowest I’ve ever felt in my music career. I’ve never given so much to a song before... I’m pretty sure I ugly cried somewhere in there. It’s amazing just how much one person can really go through and endure.... S omewhere along the line I recognized just how much I needed this and found importance in venting. I hope people take the time to read what I’ve written and understand how much persistence it took for us to get here. But note that I wouldn’t be here if not for our support system. I have always done this for myself and my well-being but every time someone feels the same way and takes my work to heart, I feel it. I’m out there for all of us... Thank you for helping me heal. I love you all so very much".

You can connect with Speaking With Ghosts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Don't forget to pre-order Illuminated here as well!

SWG Jeremy Garza.jpg\\Speaking With Ghosts performing at Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL. Photo: Jeremy Garza.//

The Levitated\\The Levitated's new, current lineup.//

The Levitated are a metal band from Lake Zurich, IL. After undergoing some lineup changes this year, the band is ready to re-launch themselves with new music in the near future.

With lyrics such as "I'm curled up / shaking and lonely / eyes shut, i'm running on empty" from their song "Wounded", The Levitated begin conversations about mental health by expressing feelings of isolation and despair. The song is from their most recent EP, Guilt, which was released in July. You can listen to it here!

You can connect with The Levitated on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

lvtdf\\The Levitated performing live. Photo: Anders Johanson.//

Caecus.jpg\\Caecus performing at Reggies in Chicago, IL on September 29th. Photo: Kyle Gaddo.//

Caecus defines themselves as a holistic death metal band from Champaign, IL. Their guitarist, Evan Dale, explains that their 2016 album, The Funeral Garden, "...revolves heavily around themes of rebirth and inner change. Almost all of the songs touch upon moving past our mistakes and faults, in order to become better people. The funeral portion of the title refers to the metaphoric death of the old self".

Each member of the band has experiences with mental health in different ways. Evan continues to explain that "It's definitely not an uncommon experience to have, directly or indirectly. We were also inspired by a mini documentary about a forest in Japan, called Aokigahara. Several Japanese men and women have taken their own lives there and we chose to transform that bleak reality into a message of connecting with nature, in hopes of renewal and purpose".

You can listen to Caecus's music here! The band will also be releasing a new album next year, so keep your eyes out for that.

Caecus drummer\\Caecus performing at Reggies in Chicago, IL on September 29th. Photo: Kyle Gaddo.//

Don't forget to get your tickets for this concert here; we will see you on December 3rd at Evolution Music!