PIP: Neck Deep EU/UK Tour - Week 3 Recap

By: Victoria Goodman

Neck Deep have now completed the third week of their EU/UK headlining tour in support of The Peace and The Panic, spending this week in Germany and Austria!

DSC07995.jpg\\Neck Deep performing at the Brixton date of their EU/UK tour. Photo: Elliott Ingham.//

The tour has undoubtedly been a success for the band, with massive crowds of people attending each date. Despite young band that is reaching new milestones and achievements, the band went through hardships and difficult times while recording the album.

Vocalist Ben Barlow and bassist Fil Thorpe both lost their dads before the album was recording, and the grief that they experiencing fueled some of the songs that were included on The Peace and The Panic, such as “19 Seventy Sumthin’”. Ben goes into detail, explaining that "...what I went through there... was a real cornerstone for the record. I feel like a lot of the lyrical influence came from a place of that... I told myself I wouldn't write a song that was super, blatantly out there about my dad... but it just happened. I was having a rough day with it on tour... I was really sad one day, really down about it... It's an incredibly sad song but with a weird optimism to it" (You can watch the interview here).

DSC01085.jpg\\Neck Deep's crowd at the Belfast date of their EU/UK tour. Photo: Elliott Ingham.//

Dealing with the grief that accompanies the loss of a loved one can undoubtedly have an effect on our mental health; the process of mourning involves a wide variety of emotions such as anger, denial, sadness, and confusion. It's important to remember that you are not alone if you are experiencing this and that It Is OK To Not Be OK. Mourning is expressed physically, emotionally, and psychologically. (Source: Mental Health America).

While Neck Deep's losses were not the result of suicide; losing a friend or loved one to suicide is particularly difficult to process and cope with. Often, it brings up feelings of anger and guilt. At this point in time, when we lose approximately 121 people each day to suicide, there are a lot of people effected by this.

DSC05363\\Neck Deep performing at the Norwich date of their EU/UK tour. Photo: Elliott Ingham.//

When he was asked about the personal nature of The Peace and The Panic, Ben explained that "We went through so much as a band and as people in those two years that it really became about seeing the not so positive side as well, without losing that positive outlook; understanding that with the good comes the bad and putting those in balance. You'll never escape the bad, but it doesn't mean that there is no good" (You can watch the rest of the interview here).

If you are having a difficult time coping with the loss of a loved one or friend, there are resources available to help you cope and heal. If you are attending one of the remaining dates on Neck Deep's EU/UK tour, Hope For The Day has resource cards available with information about crisis text lines and call lines on them. You can always start a conversation with or founder who is out on the tour, Jonny Boucher, as well.

Neck Deep Tour You can get your tickets to Neck Deep's remaining EU/UK tour dates here! We'll see you on the road.

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