Partners in Prevention: B96 Radio

By: Alexandra Beste

At schools, at shows, and now on the radio: Proactive suicide prevention begins with a conversation in our communities. Thanks to our friends over at B96, we had the opportunity to raise the visibility of resources and educate about mental health on the air.

 Suicide completion rates have surged to a 30-year high. In America, it is the second leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds and over 44,000 people die by suicide every year, averaging 121 suicide completions each day. 

Suicide is a preventable mental health crisis. The primary obstacle to suicide prevention is the silence of stigma. Stigmas are social and cultural factors that try to dictate how we express ourselves and compel individuals to be silent on their internal experiences.

Proactive prevention is about creating an environment that doesn’t wait for people to reach a point of crisis before starting a dialogue on mental health.

We will reduce rates by raising the visibility of resources for support through outreach and by providing mental health education to empower a grassroots movement of peer-to-peer proactive prevention.

An essential part of the proactive prevention movement are our Partners in Prevention, who facilitate the conversation in their communities. One such partner are the people over at B96 Radio, who offered us their platform to raise the visibility of resources.

During Mental Health Awareness Month, our CEO, Jonny Boucher; Clinical Advisor, Jacqueline Carmody; and Director of Programming and Operations, Carl J. Evans went over to B96 to talk about proactive prevention and mental health education live on the airwaves. One of our Agents of Impact, Gracie Fischer, also spoke about her lived-in experience and how Hope For The Day aided her in her path to recovery.

You can watch the interview with B96 above, and on the B96 Youtube channel here!

We look forward to working with B96 and other CBS radio stations as partners in prevention to break the silence in our communities through the airwaves!