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The Hope Defined Project [HD]

The Hope Defined Project (HD) HD Explores mental health and suicide through digital mediums. The primary goals, with all of HFTD’s efforts are to shatter silence and dispel stigmas about suicide and mental health in our communities. 

The first HD project is, I’m Fine, a 30 minute short film composed within the community of Naperville, IL. I’m Fine expresses the impact of a suicide as it ripples through individuals, families and an entire community.  I’m Fine was composed with the generous support of a Naperville SECA grant and will be a part of HFTD’s school engagement curriculum. I’m Fine will be utilized in our school engagement programs.

  • I'm Fine, will be submitted to social impact films festivals spring and summer 2016.
  • A DVD package will be available to the general public Fall 2016. 
Do you want to host a Private Showing? 
The purpose of this film is to catalyze conversations in our community. If you’re interested in bringing this film to your community please send an inquiry to:    

Production Notes

Short Description: I’m Fine  is a 30 minute short film that expresses the impact of a suicide as it ripples through teens, families and a community.

Synopsis: Six months after high school student Kimberly Banks completes suicide her classmate Natalie Snyder struggles to find the words for her own pain, silenced by stigma that prevails in the school hallways and among her peers. Meanwhile, Kim’s little brother Mark angrily grapples with the silence of his sister’s death, struggling to cope with how everyone seems to just want to move on.    

Running Time: 30 minutes.

Rating: MPAA PG Equivalent [Serious situations & Topics, some coarse language]

Director: Ron Rehana

Screenwriter: April Johnston

Produced by: Hope For The Day

Producers: Ann Marie Parker, Carl J. Evans

Executive Producers: Emily & Virko Tammaru

Director of Photography: Brice Pardo

Production Designer: Megan Hovany

Edited By: Sally O'Brien

Second Unit Director: Erin Dalian

Location Sound: Tom Maloney

Boom Operator: Andrew Diehl

Gaffer: Bradley Smith

Costume Design: Liz Schroeder

Audio Mix: Andrew Twiss


Natalie Snyder: Olivia Ritchie || Mark Banks: Nicholas Sanchez || Kimberly Banks: Elena Sasso

Mr. Kevin Snyder: William Smilie & Mrs. Sandy Snyder: Lisa Gangi || Mrs. Gina Banks: Shirin Cohen


John Keaton || June Schersinski || Steven Price

Annika Karkkainen || Aaron Stone || Nikki Tororella || Miles Weimer || Sarah Nolan || Mia Jimenez ||

MaryGrace Maxwell || Miranda Hillyard || Lena Orwig || Elena Sasso || Ethan Sanchez || Dylan Cruz || Payton Pieroni