The Music Saved My Life Project

Hope for the Day | The Music Saved My Life Project

An ongoing video series that features internationally recognized musicians and artists who share their personal stories of struggling with suicide, depression and mental illness. These PSA-style videos showcase how each artist leaned on their creative outlets as a way of expression and treatment during their healing process. This initiative will strengthen the relationships between the artists and the audiences they reach on a more personal level, which allows for a relatable connection to grow beyond only the musical connection.

Currently Hope for the Day has partnered with media giant Alternative Press Magazine to release each Music Saved My Life segment through their online platforms, which grant us immediate access to over 330,000 Facebook members and 266,000 Twitter followers. Furthermore, we will utilize the starring artists and musicians’ social media platforms to expand audience reach and amplify program visibility.

Since the project has begun, the videos have been featured on ArtistDirect, Noise Creep, Loudwire and Blabbermouth, among numerous additional high-traffic media outlets – garnering over 1 million viewer impressions per video. By employing viral video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, our audience reach and key messaging will continue to expand internationally.

Hope for the Day works strongly to perseus upcoming and iconic artists/groups/bands to participate in the Music Saved My Life project as their story is just as important as your own. . This video series allows Hope For The Day to harness relationships with supporting artists, musicians, and their communities for future advocacy and outreach opportunities to wide audiences.

Music Saved My Life Videos